half-marathon monday

05.13 - 05.19
-This week was my last run on the bridge until my race because it's time to start preserving my legs and I want to make sure they aren't sore before I have to run actual hills. It was insanely windy and beyond hard. Needless to say, I was glad when that workout was over.
-Saturday was 11 miles and it was literally the hardest run of my entire life. By mile 3 I was having a mental conversation with myself convincing myself not to stop. Mile 3. Meaning I had to mentally coach myself through 8 more miles. It was awful. I finished and I never walked but it was painful. I had one Gu shortly before mile 6 and was completely wiped when I got home. I wasn't in pain I just had absolutely no energy. I learned the hardest possible way the importance of proper nutrition the night before a run. I forgot to eat lunch that day so I had a slice of toast with peanut butter when I got home ( and PB2, not even real peanut butter). So I wasn't hungry at dinner and only had half of an avocado appetizer. I got hungry later and had a few snacks but that was it. I had a Luna bar an hour before my run but clearly it was not enough. It was so stupid but it was yet another lesson learned by this rookie distance runner. Here's to hoping nest week's 12 miles will be better!

05.20 - 05.26
- Because of a busy schedule after work this week, two of my runs were on the treadmill this week. God I hate that thing. I know some people have successfully trained for all kinds of races on treadmills but after about 5 minutes, I wanted to poke my eyes out I was so bored. I tried changing the incline up and down a few times to make it interesting but it didn't help. Oh well, I logged the miles on pace and that's all that really matters.
-12 miles. The finale to my training. To say that I was nervous about this run (especially after last week's fiasco) would be a gross understatement. But I did it. And every single one of those 12 miles felt amazing. I completely reassessed my eating the day before and it made all the difference. I made a light pasta for dinner and had a strawberry banana oat muffin with some peanut butter a few hours later. The next morning, I had my usual Luna bar an hour before the run and didn't need a Gu until mile 8. It was the run I needed to gear me up and give me a self confidence boost for next week.
- So this is it. I have 2 taper runs next week at 2 miles each and then race day next Saturday. T and I will head up to Hickory on Friday morning to give me enough time to drive the course {so I know what I'm in for}, check in, pick up my packet, get a good dinner, and get to bed early. To be totally honest, I'm not all that nervous. I'm just really, really excited.

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  1. I can't believe your race is finally here! I can't want to hear how it goes! I'm sure it will be awesome! :)