friday five.

1. My birthday is not until August, but since my Mom is the best, she took me shopping today to get a new pair of Jack Rogers for a early present. Partially because I've been talking about getting a new pair and partially because I'm sure she's tired of seeing me wear the same -- very worn -- pair she bought me 4 years ago to wear on my wedding day.

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I can't help it if I'm sentimental--and that after 4 years they are REALLY comfortable.

I went in with the intention of getting a plain gold pair. But ended up with these. Covered in glitter.

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And yes, I am fully aware that I am 27 going on 5.

2. Does this not sound like the perfect summer cocktail?!

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A mojito and champagne combined into one glass. Sounds pretty perfect to me.

3. I'm sure by now you are all well aware of my obsession with any and all things buffalo flavored. Combine that with my new obsession over quinoa ( I'm even eating granola with quinoa in it this week for breakfast. I'm in deep.) and you get these ridiculous creations:

I like that it's the combination of my ultimate fat food with my favorite healthy food. It's all about balance people.

4. While it would be next to impossible this week with the first official tropical storm of the hurricane season off the coast, there is nothing more that I love in the summer than sitting outside on the porch. There is something so relaxing about curling up in a comfy chair and taking in all the smells and sounds that make summer so amazing. If only our little downtown condo could include one of these dreamy outdoor spaces:

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5. While Charleston has my heart,

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I need this. And I need a trip back to NYC. Every time my sister updates me on her amazing, fancy life up there, for about a half second I think "wouldn't it be so much fun...". And then I realize there is no way I could ever commit to that lifestyle. Which is why New York is my boyfriend and not my husband. :)

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  1. So, I must know more about the granola with quinoa! Tim is going to be out of town next week...is it strange that I plan to eat quinoa with salsa and avocado on it all week for dinner? :)