friday five

1. Spring officially arrived yesterday. Thank the lord. I don't know if it's here for very long but it was beautiful yesterday and it looks like we've got a few nice days ahead of us. I can't even remember the last time I've seen this much sun--I actually think I walked around for an hour yesterday squinting because my eyes were so unaccustomed to sunshine.

2. And the warm weather reminds me... oh, shit. It's almost bathing suit season. I guess it's time to quit eating (and drinking) junk and stop making excuses to skip runs. Yuck.

3. And in more related news, this week I found a recipe for Jalapeño Pimento Cheese. Of course. Two weeks after I gave up cheese for Lent. I can totally bring these to Easter dinner, right?

4.  "A trip to Target is a lot like how I imagine heroin must be. There’s always a rush of excitement when you first walk inside, and most times you’re not even sure why you’re there to begin with, yet almost every time you leave with a feeling of remorse, guilt and a set of new track marks on your arms."

If you haven't already, you must read this article: " Inside a Woman's Head at Target". It's scary-and hilarious- how ridiculously true it is. 


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  1. love the target article. if food didn't have calories then i would not get ANYTHING done bc i would be eating nonstop. no joke.